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 Tatry Nízke


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Low Tatras (in Slovak Nízke Tatry) are the biggest mountains in Slovakia from the area point of view. This mountain range is located in the central (parallelly) - North (meridionally) part of the country. Despite what the name suggests, Low Tatras are not low and very easy mountains to hike. The highest peak - Dumbier - is 2043 meters AMSL high. The difficulty of these mountains (of course for tourists who want to learn it in depth) is very poorly infrastructure (I mean not a very small quantity of mountain hostels and shelters). In such situation You have to carry all equipment in Your rucksack.


Suggested 3 days route:

difficulty of all route: fairly easy

1st day: Certovica pass (1238 meters AMSL) - mountain hostel - Chata Gen. M. R. Stefanika (1740 meters AMSL)

duration: about 3.30 hour

From Liptovsky Mikulas to Certovica (for those who don't have a car) You can go by bus. FotoCertovica jest to przełęcz, do której dochodzi droga asfaltowa. On the Certovica pass are hotels and a bar. From the pass we are going sharply uphill along the red marked route, which lead us to the mountain hostel called "Chata Stefanika". Foto Quite fast, because after about 0.30 hours of hiking we go over the forest belt, then our path leads among dwarf pines and alpine meadows.

Remark: Both in a hostel Chata Stefanika and Kamienna Chata near Chopok peak there are no rubbish bins. We have to take our rubbish down with ourself.


2nd day: Chata Stefanika (1740 meters AMSL) - Dumbier (2043 meters AMSL) - Chopok - Kamienna Chata

duration: approximately 4.30 hours. (planned trip is not too long but worth spending the extra time on the way because of the beautiful views stretching over the route. If You don't have a time, from Chopok You can use a chirlift, ticket costs 10 Eur. According to me it is better to go down along the lift to the road - about 2.30 hours).

Foto We still following the red marked route. Near Chata Stefanika there is a signpost with well-marked trails. You have to follow the red marked route on Dumbier, not E8 on Chopok - lanovka (after way down from Ďumbier we will enter on this trail, but if we would start to follow E8 from the beginning, we wouldn't ascent of the highest top of Low Tatras - Dumbier). Foto Generally, whole route is quite easy. Open area (I mean there is no trees) gives possibilities to enjoy the power of the surrounding mountains and take panoramic pictures. It is worth to meantion that in hostel Kamienna Chata ( in english : the Stone Hut) there is no drinking water. You can wash up in the tub outside. Sleeping only in collective bed room - 10 Eur and 1.5 liter bottle of still mineral water costs 2.50 Eur ...


3rd day: descent from the Kamienna Chata in the direction Demanowska Valley - to the bus stop.

duration: approx. 2.30 hour

I don't describe step by staep. Mainly at the beginning we follow the trail, and then gently along the chair lift - this is the shortest and quickest option.

Photogallery of Tatry Niżne

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Approach and accomodation

Train - You can use part of the description to get to the Mała Fatra - to Zilina. From there You can catch a train or bus to Liptovsky Mikulsz. From the city there are buses to Certovica pass, and the distance is + / - 20 km.

Some mountain hostels You will find in the route description. Also You can find a guesthouse or hostel in Demanowska valley.