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In the region where I live (the northern west of the Silesian province, on the border with Opolskie and Łódzkie provinces ), are good local roads with low traffic. Such circumstances are favourable for cycle trips, what's more, the terrain ( the western part of jura krakowsko -wieluńska ) is hilly and nature attractive: pine and mixed forests , numerous meadows, rivers: Warta and Liswarta. On this site I present the proposals of routes well-chosen and rode by bike by myself. The length of routes, I present give in the large approximation, because I don't have time to count each kilometre with the map. However, You should just buy a map and carry with Yourself, because it is too complicated to write all crosses and turnings. Planning the cycle route, would be good to have with Yourself basic equipment like: small pump, small patches and glue, spare tube, the set of screwdrivers. On the described area is no typical touristic base, but also it is some civilisation here so in case of the necessity You can ask about help native people (but from own experience I know that is better to have necessary stuff with myself ). I would like to recommend a good article regarding dealing Yourself in hard situations: "Surviving in the wild".

Suggested cycle routes:

The remark to routes: during routes planning we choose the roads with low traffic, although sometimes few hundred meters of major roads can occur.

1. from Krzepice to Scout Centre in Załęcze Wielkie situated on the Warta river

Krzepice (0 km) - Danków (7 km) - Lipie (8 km) - Parzymiechy (13 km) - Załęcze Małe (18 km) - Załęcze Wielkie (23 km) - Scout Centre in Załęcze Wielkie (26 km) - Załęcze Wielkie (29 km) - Załęcze Małe (34 km) - Parzymiechy (39 km) - Zajączki (44 km) - Krzepice (48 km)

route lenght - approx. 50 km

From Krzepice to Danków we cycle an asphalt road Foto (at the moment - 2011 unfortunately not very good quality - there are many holes), generally through the forest. In Danków You can visit church of St Stanislaus from the sixteenth century and the ruins of the castle bastion, probably from the fifteenth century. To reach the church and the ruins of the castle you have to turn on the first asphalt road to the left after the bridge on Liswarta river. Foto However, our route goes the main road and turn slightly to the right to the direct of village Lipie. After Lipie, there is small hill, we pass village Napoleon and reach village Parzymiechy (at the cross You have to ride straight, but be careful because there is an order of priority resolution). After approx. 400 - 500 meters You have to turn right onto Załęcze Małe. There is a small hill on which You have to ride up, but after it's a great downhill ride. In the Załęcze Małe village You have to turn left near the grocer's shop. Foto The next village is called Załęcze Wielkie where You have to turn right into a narrow asphalt street. There is a sign "Scouting Centre in Załęczu Wielkim". After crossing the bridge on the Warta river, we turn left and go straight ahead, at the beginning through a field and then forest. The road from the beginning is covered by asphalt but further asphalt is slowly disapearing. In the Scout Centre is a place for fire on the shore of Warta river. Foto I do not know how to center operates under the terms of service private persons (meals, accommodation, etc.), so it's best to find out on their website  . However, even without using the offer of the Centre, you can have your food and drink and arrange a picnic on the shore of Warta river. Foto After the rest, we came back to Parzymiechy the same route. In Parzymiechy we turn right in Krzepice direction. Ater turning right You have to ride uphill, but after about 2 km there is downhill ride to the Zajączki village. In Zajączki You have to turn right, after approx. 4 km You will reach Krzepice.

Remark: about 2 km after the turning right in Parzymiechy in the direction of Załęcze Małe, You can turn left into a country lane. You will reach the countryside presented on below photos. So called Rybaczówka is the former property of family Potocki from Parzymiechy. Unfortunately, it burned down in 2010.

Rybaczówka Foto Foto
Foto Foto Foto
Foto Foto Foto



2. from Krzepice to Kucoby

Krzepice - Dankowice - Podłęże Królewskie - Podłęże Szlacheckie - Bodzanowice - Kiki - Kucoby (coming back the same route)

route lenght - about 35 km

From Krzepice we cycle towards Dankowice village. On the edge of krzepice we passing by water reservoir (on left hand), called "Łezka" (means small tear). We ride on the asphalt road through the woods, then the fields, we pass under the railway bridge and reach Dankowice, which is quite long village. Along the way we pass two chapels and a stork nest. We reach the wood and then a nice downhill ride awaits us. At the crossroads, we follow the main road, leading slightly to the right. At the next crossroads, we turn right, in the direction of Starokrzepice village. After about 1 km we turn left on Podłęże Królewskie (there is signpost). The route through Podłęże is slightly hilly, so we're riding up and down. There is a chapel and a church, and also shop (almost opposite the church). Ater Podłęże Królewskie is the next village called Podłęże Szlacheckie. Podłęże Szlacheckie and Królewskie are separated by meadows and fields stretching for over a kilometer. After reaching the main road, You have to turn right and cycle straight through a few hundred meters of the route Olesno Śląskie - Częstochowa. After crossing the bridge on Liswarta river, we turn left. There is a 5 km long asphalth path very pleasing to the rider leading to Kucoby. In Kucoby in the summer there are two bars, one in the "center" and the second at the wood resort also offers lodging in cabins located in a pine forest (for more information: ). Powrót tą samą drogą. We came back the same way. However, you can easily modify the route and after the Podłęże Królewskie, on the crossroadss turn left, and after few hundred meters when You'll reach main road - turn right.

below link is for tests

3. to nature reserve Modrzewiowa Góra

Krzepice - Kuków - Janiki - Modrzewiowa Góra - Zwierzyniec

We start from Krzepice towards Panki direction. Foto remark - in April 2011 this asphalt road was very bad quality (lots of wholes). We cycle through Kuków, and at the beginning of Janiki village about 20-30 meters after the bus stop we turn left into the forest road. Immediately after turning left, there is crossroads in forest, You have to chose left lane. Foto You can go straight but I do not recommend that (our choosen left variant is easier and nicer) In summer season, this forest is full of blueberries. After 2-3 km You will reach the forester's lodge and entry to the nature reserve  There is a bulletin board. Reserve was established in 1957 in order to protect mixed forest with a predominance of larch. Foto In the reserve, we cycle on quite wide path. In order not to get lost, it is enough to keep the blue marked trail (it is so called "nature reserves trail", the total lenght of this trail is 100 km and leads from Blachownia town to the Chorzewa Siemkowice town). On the route we pass numerous billboards, there is also a shelter where you can relax. After reaching the asphalth road, we turn left, Foto and on the next crosswords also left (You have to remember to resign priority). We ride through Zwierzyniec II and Zwierzyniec I (or I and II - I never remember the order). When You reach the junction with the main road near the fire brigade in Kuków, turn the right and ride back to Krzepice.

Foto  Foto







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