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 Beskid Żywiecki


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Beskid Żywiecki is not under the strict nature protection what implies the possibility of moving beyond traced trails. The closest national park in the neighbourhood, is The Babiogórski National Park. Of course it is easilier to walk on marked trails, but in some conditions it is almost impossible. The reason of such situation is not very good signing of pathways. In last years many trees have been cut down (often with the signs of the pathway on it!!!). The difficulties are also caused by ATV, very popular last time, but making pathways very muddy so we have to pass them by. In winter, rather there is no mud, but route signs can be covered with snow. In such situations very important equipment is torch and map, it is possible to hike out of signed routes in Beskid. However, as in every mountains You should remember about humility. Foto Warm sweater, jacket, food, tea in thermos bottle are necessary equipment, especially in the winter time. Not once, we have had the situations, when in low-lying villages (Milówka, Soblówka, Glinka - the villages from where routes started) we've had great time drinking the warm cup of tea or warmed beer, and after we you should then have broken through deep snow cover (even to 1,5 metre). Writing this, I'm not going to frighten anyone, just emphasise that often You can rely only on Yourself. Below, You'll find examples of routes leading to mountain hostels (cabanas), however You should hike with the rucksack from the hostel to the hostel because there are the no good variants of the so-called loops.

The remark to routes: the descriptios are very general. Fotoma parku narodowego i można The map is obviously necessary, but there is no problem with purchasing.

Routes leads to mountain hostels ( in Poland called: bacówka ):

bacówka Krawców Wierch - from Glinka - yellow signed route aprox. 2.30 hour., from Złatna - blue signed route - aprox. 2,15 hour

bacówka Rycerzowa - from Soblówka - routes: black - aprox. 2.30 hour, yellow - aprox. 2,15 hour

hostel Boracza- from Milówka - green signed route - aprox. 2 hours,

hostel Lipowska and Rysianka (they are close by each other - about 15 minutes by walk )

1. bacówka  Krawców Wierch - Glinka village - Soblówka village - bacówka Rycerzowa

From Krawców Wierch to Glinka - the yellow signed route -approx. 1.30 hour.. Foto In Glinka near the church we have to turn right, then walk approx. 200 metres left, after we have to turn left again, following the yellow signs - from here to Soblówka is approx. 1 hour. From Soblówka to the Rycerzowa are three variants to the choice, pathways: yellow, black, green. Personally, I choose the black signed variant - approx. 1.45 hour.

Remarks: having the favourable transparency of the air, from the Krawców Wierch alp, we have the fantastic view on Small Fatra .

2. hostel: Boracza - hostels Lipowska and Rysianka - Złatna village - bacówka Krawców Wierch

From Boracza hostel to Lipowska hostel - we hike the green signed route - approx. 1.45 hour, Lipowska -Rysianka - 15 min. joint pathways: green, yellow, blue. From Rysianka to the village Złatna: the black signed route - 1.15 hour, or the blue signed - 2 hours. From Złatna to Krawców Wierch -approx. 1.30 hour. - the blue signed route.

Foto Foto

Remarks: having the favourable transparency of the air, from the Rysianka alp, we have the fantastic view on Tatra mountains in early spring, on the route leading from Boracza to Lipowska, the surfaces of crocuses are blooming.




Photogallery of Beskid Żywiecki years 2002-2009

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Approach and accomodation

Main railway knot in Beskid Żywiecki is the city Żywiec. Numerous trains run from Katowice to Żywiec (many of them unfortunately used to be late). It is not good staying for night in Żywiec, because from there is too far to mountains ( about 40 kilometers). Foto However if we have some free time, it is worth staying on one day or on several hours in Żywiec, because in this city are many relics. Foto Żywiec got municipal right in 1327, however the best time for this city was under Habsburgs rule: from 80-these years of XVII age, practically to first world war. In 1856 r. the habsburg archduke -the Albrecht Ferdynand Habsburg established famous Archduke Brewery Żywiec in Żywiec city. Accomodation base ( boarding-houses and lodgings ) in Beskid Żywiecki is rather poor developed, but if someone likes the comfort obviously will find something for oneself. So the best solution is tent, or sleeping in mountain-hostels.